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Why Were Dues Increased?

posted Mar 13, 2016, 4:06 PM by Jared Lofrano   [ updated Apr 8, 2016, 6:48 AM ]
by Richard Lampman

We are often asked why the HOA board recommended an increase in dues at the last meeting, for which the majority of residents at the meeting voted to pass.  To put it simply, the board could not see how they could meet their obligation of maintaining common areas without an increase in funds.  Plus, a major concern for all of us is keeping our development safe and attractive.

As any housing development ages, it often needs maintenance beyond the routine grass cutting and pond algae treatment.  For example, the Beringer Circle brick entrance is slowly disintegrating, the Abbey Road lights stopped working due to a broken power line, the walls of some ponds are becoming unstable and collapsing, the peninsula to the lighthouse is decaying ( promoting geese to congregate on the sidewalk there), landscaping in several common areas need upkeep, and so forth.  Recently, we upgraded the signage at the Abbey Road entrance, but it may take years to save up enough money to do the same for the Beringer Circle entrance, even with the increase in HOA dues.  A recent major undertaking was getting the lights on the Abbey entrance working again and that seems to be near completion. 

 If you see problems with any of the common areas, please let us know.  However, due to limited funds we have to address these judiciously.