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2017 Goose Egg Oiling

posted Apr 16, 2017, 7:23 PM by Jared Lofrano
The BCHOA Board continues to contract with the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services to identify goose nests and treat the eggs with biodegradable corn oil.  Once treated, the eggs will not hatch.  However, the geese will continue to stay with the nest.  Otherwise, they would likely re-nest and lay more eggs.  As of April 10, APHIS has visited Beringer Commons twice, identifying 6 nests and treating 25 eggs - see the map below. If you happen to come across the nests, please leave them undisturbed.  Geese also tend to be very territorial of nests, even treated ones.  In some areas, like around the lighthouse, you will likely encounter some hostile geese.

We also need your help!  USDA APHIS will be back two more times, spaced about 10 days apart, to look for nests again.  Their next visit is slated for April 20th.  So, keep an eye out for those nests!  If you spot any, email or let any board member know, and we can pass that on to the "goose guys."  If you spot a nest on your property, the board has a form the USDA needs to have completed to give their people permission to enter your property and treat the nests.